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Reseller Web hosting is a type of web hosting wherein the account owner can utilize they’re allotted hard drive space and data transfer capacity to have sites for others. The reseller buys the host’s administration discount and afterward offers them to clients, potentially for a benefit. A specific part of hard drive space and transfer speed is attributed to the reseller account. The reseller may lease a devoted server from a facilitating organization, or exchange shared hosting services. In the last case, the reseller is essentially given permission to sell a specific measure of circle space and transfer speed to their own clients without leasing a server from a web hosting organization they marked for a reseller account with.

Benefits of reseller hosting

Taking Reseller hosting offers mind-blowing advantages to your new or existing brand. As an affiliate you’ll: 

  • Get the opportunity to go about as a Reseller organization – make cash facilitating and making sites 
  • Effectively make benefits 
  • Set aside cash with its low introductory start-up expenses with the chance to redesign later
  • Make free cPanel control boards for every one of your customers 
  • Structure your very own facilitating plans and bundles that are custom-fitted to your very own business and customers 
  • Host and bill your clients utilizing your extraordinary image 

Choose the perfect plan


  • 40 GB Disk Space
  • 700 GB Data Transfer
  • Unlimited Websites
  • Free SSL Certificate


  • 50 GB Disk Space
  • 900 GB Data Transfer
  • Unlimited Websites
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Free WHMCS


  • 100 GB Disk Space
  • 1200 - GB Data Transfer
  • Unlimited Websites
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Free WHMCS


  • 200 GB Disk Space
  • 1400 GB Data Transfer
  • Unlimited Websites
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Free WHMCS

Top Features


Designed by experts, our web hosting architecture is built on premium Dell servers powered by Juniper switches. Our hosting infrastructure is customized to match our priorities of delivering fantastic stability, scale and redundancy.


Our web hosting plans include a powerful email solution that allow unlimited number of email accounts with POP3 and IMAP support as well as a sleek webmail interface.


All of our linux shared hosting plans come equipped with cPanel, the undisputed market leader, so that your customers can manage their hosting package with ease through the best management solution in the market.


Our linux shared hosting allows SSH access so that you can execute commands, manage files and reliably operate your hosting from a remote computer over an encrypted channel. Enabling SSH on ResellerClub Linux Hosting one that we strongly recommend!



It is our continuous endeavor to build secure web services that our clients and customers enjoy. This is why all our communication and data that powers our web hosting servers are encrypted with FTP over SSL (FTPS).



Our linux shared hosting allows SSH access so that you can execute commands, manage files and reliably operate your hosting from a remote computer over an encrypted channel. Enabling SSH on ResellerClub Linux Hosting one that we strongly recommend!

Managing reseller hosting

When you sign on for reseller web hosting, you’ll commonly gain get access to an admin console in cPanel or another admin package. Within as a way to be your shared disk space and bandwidth allowance like with month. The panel will contain the gear important so that you can install new debts, assign disk area, email addresses, domains and the standard functions of web hosting.

You also can create your web hosting plans to resell to customers, offer official rights to customers, control traffic, marketing and every factor of net web hosting. All while the use of someone else’s hardware and software.

What would Reseller Hosting be able to perform for you?

Most reseller hosting bundles chip away at a standard discount basis. You sign up to a dependable host, set up a reseller record to access discount costs, you include your very own marking whenever required and after that exchange that web hosting at a markup. You can regularly set your own evaluating and conditions and as long as you work inside the host’s conditions. You would then be able to work as you see fit. 


It may sound confused however it isn’t. Great web hosts have the product as of now arrangement with specific reseller bundles that can make short work of setting everything up, for instance InMotion, brings CPanel and WHM officially set up. You would just need to make a record for each new customer you gain. 


It is then simply an issue of enrolling another record, choosing the measure of plate space or data transfer capacity you need to manage and after that going from that point. 


Some web hosts will charge a level month to month expense just as an expense for the administrations. Some won’t charge a level expense and rather will charge on a compensation as-you-go premise.

How to become an entreprenuer and make money with this -

Reseller plans are designed for you to gain cash and are regularly the most economical and least demanding approach to begin a reseller business.  By utilizing one control board, this choice gives you a chance to set up, oversee, and work the back part of the arrangement, and space the executives for your business just as your customers. 


Many clients might not have the ability or foundation here and will be subject to you for arrangements and changes to their administration… allowing you, the affiliate, to charge more for this hands-on sort of administration. 


All things considered since the web facilitating supplier handles the servers, your center is the benefits and dealing with your reseller customers.  This is a simple way to start making a benefit from your web hosting business immediately.

Reseller package

                       Disc Space                                                                                           Bandwidth                                                                                  DomainHosting

Capacity to mark your very own web hosting organization with the hosting supplier organization involved to your customer (otherwise called “white name”) 

Most recent cPanel control board 

Deal with your very own methods and design various records dependent on your needs 

Pass on highlights to your very own customers, for example, email, control board, extra contents, and checking apparatuses 

Premium help (normally every minute of every day) offered by hosting provider.

Why reseller and Us

Your supplier will deal with all the backend, “dirty” work, so you can focus on growing your business. Server equipment, availability, arrange framework, equipment arrangement, and support, security, and updates for your servers are altogether tended to by your web facilitating supplier. It’s a smart thought to look into these things as you do your exploration to guarantee that you’ll get the best technical support if certain problems emerge… and they likely will. 


To begin, you track the means drawn out in. The establishment of your success will lie in picking a decent affiliate web facilitating supplier that meets the targets of your business, yet can provide you with steady, reliable power and backing since it’s your name that is at stake when managing your clients. Pick admirably… which prompts the last 


Know that you can offer your clients the most ideal web facilitating background leading the structure of your customer base. Here are only a few things to remember when looking for your reseller web hosting administration.